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October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

I wanted to introduce myself.  I have been learning post-production for the past three years now, as well as film theory.  I am aware there are websites that discuss film and show how it is made, but I wanted to launch a website were creative minds and new artists  can gain and share knowledge.   Those who want to understand what makes a movie enjoyable to watch, whether it be done with proffesional equipment or not, I’ll be talking about that.  Ever wonder which program was used to edit the film you’ve just seen, or to provide visual-FX and why that one?  Are you shooting your first film and don’t want to go wrong, I’ll be talking about my trail-and-error and how my experiences might come to help you.

I have a lot of topics I plan to write about, which include; Pre-Production , Post-Production and movie reviews.  I’ll be explaining what makes a good script, creating a storyboard, mes en scene, shot types, what you need to know to make your own film and more…


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